CirQ-Life Plus 循血寧 (特效)
CirQ-Life Plus 循血寧 (特效)CirQ-Life Plus 循血寧 (特效)CirQ-Life Plus 循血寧 (特效)CirQ-Life Plus 循血寧 (特效)CirQ-Life Plus 循血寧 (特效)CirQ-Life Plus 循血寧 (特效)CirQ-Life Plus 循血寧 (特效)CirQ-Life Plus 循血寧 (特效)CirQ-Life Plus 循血寧 (特效)


功效Function :
或有助於 May assist in: 

  • 良好血循環 Good circulation
  • 深層睡眠 Deep sleep
  • 改善手腳冰冷 Eliminating cold hands and feet
  • 減輕慢性發炎 Reducing chronic inflammation
  • 提升活力 Vitality
  • 穩定情緒 Calm and steady emotions
  • 減輕視力退化 Vision degradation
  • 改善便祕 Constipation

使用方法 How to use:

每日兩次 (早上空腹及睡前),每次一至兩粒 
Take 1-2 gelcapsule on an empty stomach twice daily once in the morning and once in the evening.


注意 Caution:

Not to be consumed by pregnant women or children under 18 unless under the supervision of a physician


成分 Ingredients:

冬蟲夏草提取物、牛初乳提取物 (含有 CirQ® = 蛋白鬆弛多肽®)、羥丙基甲基纖維素白藜蘆醇提取物、毛喉鞘蕊花提取物硬脂酸鎂
Cordyceps Sinensis extract, Colostrum extract (with CirQ®) , Resveratrol extract, Methylcellulose, Coleus Forskohlin root extract, Magnesium Stearate


產品規格 Content:

60粒 (膠囊) 60 capsules (gelcapsules)