OPC Ginseng Extract 循活寧
OPC Ginseng Extract 循活寧OPC Ginseng Extract 循活寧OPC Ginseng Extract 循活寧OPC Ginseng Extract 循活寧OPC Ginseng Extract 循活寧OPC Ginseng Extract 循活寧OPC Ginseng Extract 循活寧OPC Ginseng Extract 循活寧OPC Ginseng Extract 循活寧OPC Ginseng Extract 循活寧OPC Ginseng Extract 循活寧


* 對抗疲勞抗氧提神 *
* Against your fatigue, enhance your vitality *

功效 Function :
或有助於 May assist in:

  • 良好血液循環 Good circulation
  • 增強身體機能 Enhance body function
  • 改善手腳冰冷 Improve Cold hands and feet
  • 消除疲勞 Eliminate fatigue
  • 提升活力 Enhance vitality
  • 提神醒腦 Refreshing
  • 減少色斑皺紋 Reduce stains and wrinkles
  • 減慢衰老 Reduce aging
  • 增強免疫力 Enhance immunity


抗氧化物質在維持健康方面擔當著一個非常重要的角色,它們能夠中和體內的"游離基" (自由基),減低氧化物對身體所造成的破壞和延緩老化過程。其實人體的免疫系统一直能夠均衡地維持抵抗"游離基" 的水平,但會有大量因素導致人體組織常常缺乏抗氧化物,給那些可怕的"游離基"有機可乘,令免疫系统下降,使疾病和快速衰老現象出現。
What is “ Antioxidant”?
 Antioxidants play a very important role in maintaining health, and they able to neutralize "free radicals" (free radicals) in the body, reducing the damage caused by oxides to the body and delaying the aging process. In fact, the body's immune system has been able to maintain a balanced level of resistance to "free radicals", but there will be large numbers of factors and will lead to human tissue is often the lack of antioxidants, to those terrible "free radicals" take the opportunity to make the immune system Decline, so that disease and rapid aging phenomenon.
If the material within the human cells is oxidized, it will produce large numbers of "free radicals", excessive free radicals will disrupt the balance of the body, thus affecting health.
Therefore, people need to constantly add the power of antioxidants to remove the "free radical" for maintain health and vitality.
OPC是一種葡萄籽提取物 (花青素),它是一種新型高效抗氧化劑,具有非常強大活力的"游離基" (自由基) 清除劑。

What is “OPC”?
OPC is a grape seed extract (anthocyanin), it is a new type of highly effective antioxidant, has a very strong vitality of the "free radical" (free radical) scavenger.
Its antioxidant efficiency is 18 times higher than the traditional antioxidant vitamin C; 50 times higher than vitamin E, can neutralize the body's free radicals for the prevention, improvement, delay or inhibition of various due to excessive free radicals caused by the body of the destruction, aging and degradation of the reaction, reducing their damage to the body cells.


使用方法 How to use:
每日兩次 (建議早上空腹及下午服用最佳),每次一粒 
For adult only, best with empty stomach 1 gelcapsules once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

注意 Caution:
Not to be consumed by pregnant women or children under 18 unless under the supervision of a physician.


成分 Ingredients:

西洋參提取物 American Ginseng Extract

  • 促進血液循環 Improve circulation
  • 消除疲勞 Eliminate fatigue
白藜蘆醇 Resveratrol
  • 最有效抗氧化成份,有助抗衰老 The Most Effective Anti-aging Antioxidant
  • 可幫助減少血液毒素 Help reduce toxins from the blood
  • 改善血液黏稠度 Improve blood viscosity
初乳精華 Colostrum extract
  • 有助調節人體免疫系統 Help regulate human immune system
  • 可活化細胞,再新生長,減輕發炎 Rejuvenate Cells, and Promote new Growth, Reduce Inflammation
甲基纖維素 Methocel
  • 幫助排毒 Promote Elimination
  • 維持腸道健康 Maintain Intestinal Health
葡萄籽精華提取物 (花青素) Grape Seed Extracted OPC
  • 提供抗氧化功效,減慢衰老出現 Provide anti-oxidation effect, reduce aging
  • 增強微血管循環 Enhance Microcirculation


產品規格 Content:

60粒 (膠囊) 60 capsules (gelcapsules)